Talking Pelvic Floor

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Many women in their early 40’s/50’s, suffer in silence with pelvic floor problems. Crossing their legs to sneeze or cough, going to the toilet a lot during the day or up at night. The worst and most embarrassing one is leakage. Today we are going to lift the lid of this Taboo subject.

The pelvic floor has affected me. I noticed it after my third child while at a family occasion. I was dancing and jumping around enjoying the craic and suddenly! I could feel a small amount of pee leaking down my leg. I ran to the toilet, but I was so conscious and embarrassed that this had happened to me! That I was distracted for the whole evening. The pelvic floor issue can affect women of all ages and it doesn’t just happen if you have had kids.

The pelvic floor also affects men

Today I’m talking to Pelvic Floor expert Louise Fynes.

Louise is a Chilates Coach, Performance Coach and has just moved back to Ireland from Holland where she lived and worked for 21 years. Since her return, Louise has set up a Chilates studio in Loughrea Co Galway where she gives Chilates, Pilates, Strength and conditioning training, and senior fit along with several different massages and sports therapies.

What is Chilates I hear you ask? According to Louise chilates is a program in which Pilates forms the basis, where extra exercises are added that promote the chi/qi or energy, work is done on health, and the resolution of blockages within the chi. The functioning of our organs is stimulated, in turn stimulating the blood circulation. Attention is given to prevention by stretching muscles to avoid injuries or discomfort in the future. The mobility and stability of the joints are improved, and connective tissue is hydrated.

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